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 The Origin Builder takes everything you love about our WP Theme and packages it into it’s own plugin that can be used with any theme.


A high performance drag n’ drop page builder that will allow you my fellow marketers and other businesses to create millions of unique pages with unlimited creativity & design all from a simple live editing interface and 100% compatible with any theme you already have installed on your site. (with the one exception of themes created by Elegant Themes)

Advanced Drag & Drop Builder

The Origin Builder was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities. The way it is broken up into sections, rows, columns and elements, really allows you to understand and edit the structure of your page. Your editing controls are pulled out of the main content area so that you get a clear and concise representation of how your modules fit into your page layout.

Why Origin Builder was created

When we set out to build Origin Builder back in 2015, we wanted to create an ultimate solution that can be used by both internet marketers, businesses and local business owners (dentists, lawyers, gardeners, grocers, hotels, waterparks, vacation firms) to connect with their audience, showcase their products/services, acquire more leads and customers etc.

In our research, we discovered that themes and templates are highly restrictive in what they can allow you to do, most of the recently released themes and template plugins such as InstaBuilder, ProfitBuilder, OptimizePress which are all super amazing (and I also personally use them) tend to constrict people to create only IM-oriented pages.

Businesses such as clinics, law firms, restaurants, beauty salons etc. are left to struggle looking for installing new theme every other day trying to find something to make their website and content publishing look professional.

Even with the internet marketers, most of the multi-theme and template plugins they have constrain their design to the exact structure of the template/theme they’re using thus not allowing their creative skills to come to play and everybody’s website look like that of his neighbors.



USING PLUGIN TEMPLATES: Landing page plugins such as Optimise Press, Profit Builder, Insta Builder, Lead Pages are really awesome as they come with a lot of templates and usually easily to edit but the major problem is that they’re usually just pre-built for the typical internet marketing/make money online niche… everything just looks the same.

But lets face the fact… Chances are you didn’t buy a landing page plugin just so you can use it to create some quick sales page to sell another “10 ways to make money online” ebook

But unfortunately, all the templates you’ll get inside these landing page plugins are pre-configured for the typical make money online offers even when they tell you it’s not, everything looks the same no matter how much your have redesigned the template.

← Just like the theme picutured here.

So, just like you… we needed a way to create sleek, beautiful and high converting  pages for our real businesses without hiring a costly designer, or struggling to design & code the pages ourselves.

Using themes can be difficult as you can’t really get creative with what you want and you’re highly constrained by the themes layouts and features. All the plugin templates we had or could find just had the same “make-money-online” style landing pages and layouts.

We needed a solution, and most of things we found on the market weren’t good enough, some of them could create beautiful pages for sure but weren’t really optimised for our needs so we decided to create the ultimate solution that won’t just knock out stunning pages but create pages that will strategically grow your businesses online, capture more leads and generate more sales daily.

This way we are able to more creative and not stuck with the same old same old,  like these pages picutured here to the right. →

Fully Responsive Mobile Layouts

Origin Builder automatically develops fully responsive, mobile-ready website pages  that look amazing on any device and browsers. You can also preview how your website will appear on phones, tablets and desktops directly in the visual editor

What you’re getting when purchasing this offer is the Pro Version of Origin Builder.

The World’s True Drag n’ Drop Page Composer with Seamless Instant Actions Technology That Will Allow You to Build Innovative, Beautiful and Super-Intelligent Websites/Landing Pages in Minutes without Designing or Coding Anything Yourself.

Also comes with a Professional “Flagship” Frontend Editor That Lets You Visually Edit Any Page on the Fly and Tune Designs to Your Personal Taste.

⊕Unlimited Layout Possibilities

⊕Unlimited design

⊕Unlimited Websites

⊕License to use on all clients websites

⊕All Templates

⊕Over 40 Elements and Modules to create anything you want.

⊕30 Days no question money back guarantee

Do you want to start building crazily beautiful sites & pages that engage visitors, gain more social traffic, convert leads and make sales like clockwork without any coding skills… just drag n’ drop?

Try Origin Builder 30 Day RISK FREE Money Back

We’re 100% Confident That You Will Love Origin Builder, after searching through the market and going through most other similar solution available, we’ve founding Origin Builder to come second-to-none in providing a reliable solution for business owners and internet marketing and is with this rigorous experimentation, evaluation and experience that we guarantee you’ll love our product.

Full demonstration tutorial video